[sunshine intensifies] is on Instagram!

I like to take photos of random stuff. Things I find funny, beautiful, satisfying, or otherwise joyful. Usually this stuff just ends up in my Google drive and I never see it again. Not any more!

I’ve started an Instagram to share my random moments of joy. Check it out here:

instagram.com/sunshineintensifies Continue reading “[sunshine intensifies] is on Instagram!”

How to write a blog post

Blogging is heaps of fun, but it’s hard work sometimes. Can we make it easier?

Last time, I introduced Do It Badly, a strategy for curbing perfectionism and getting ideas on the page. That’s a great start, but it can leave you with a mess of ideas to sort through.

As I was writing that post, I realised that if you’re going to Do It Badly, it helps to have a process or template to follow. That way, when you’re Doing It Badly, you’re moving towards your goal and not in a random direction. Call it Directed Do It Badly, if you will.

So to that end, here’s a guide to writing a blog post. I’ll be using this very post as a worked example. M E T A . Continue reading “How to write a blog post”