Matiu/Somes Island almost to myself

My plan for Monday was thrown into doubt at 5am when a gust of wind woke me up. At first I thought it was a passing truck, but several “trucks” later it clicked: this isn’t a convoy, it’s just Wellington being Wellington!

In the lead-up to my staycation, I picked out Matiu/Somes Island as my number one place to see, and I’d go on the first tolerable day, weather-wise. Roaring gusts are not what I consider tolerable, especially when there’s a ferry trip involved! Continue reading “Matiu/Somes Island almost to myself”

This is your captain speaking…

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard this Sunshine Airways flight to Wellington!

We’ll be taking off to the north and reaching a cruising altitude of 50 feet before making our descent into Wellington.

Our flight time will be 10 minutes, including the safety video and musical interlude. This is assuming you read at an average speed and you don’t go down a Youtube rabbit hole.

The weather at our destination is 10°C and cloudy, with a forecast of four seasons in one day and a chance of broken umbrellas.

We don’t have the budget for a safety video so go watch one of Air New Zealand’s. Stop your music for a minute and listen!

Please read the safety card on the table in front of you, even if you fly with us often. This information is specific to this aircraft.

1 safety card

In case of unexpected turbulence, immediately check GeoNet and post about it on Reddit.

If an emergency were to happen, please Drop, Cover and Hold.

The emergency exit is at the top-right of your screen if you’re on a Windows PC. It’s the little red x. No, you don’t get to go down the slide.

At this time we ask you to switch your electronic devices to flight m– wait, read the rest of this post first!

Thank you for flying Sunshine Airways, and enjoy your flight!

2 mouthed plane noises
[mouthed plane noises]
Oh right. You can put your music back on now.

Ahh, isn’t that relaxing?




Our cabin crew will be offering a choice of a Cookie Time cookie or –


3 cookie


4 crumbs

Oh… kay. Would you like a cup of tea, sir? Oh, sorry, too late, we’re starting our descent already! Told you it was a short flight. Here, have some candy.

5 candy
Testing the rest of our fleet for… safety. Yep.

Flight attendants, prepare the cabin for landing. Flight attendants? Oh, wait, we don’t have the budget for those either. Fine, I’ll do it myself.

6 whooosh




Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wellington! Local time and weather are available on MetService. If the forecast is sunny for the next ten days straight, alert Stuff immediately because this is big news. (Seriously.)

Please remain in your seat until you’ve shared this blog with everyone you know. (Please?)

Thank you for flying Sunshine Airways. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

7 Oh man, not again
Oh man, not again!

Forget Fiji. I’m taking a staycation.

Patrick, if you wanna win an award, you have to do something.

Hmm… I wanna defeat the giant monkeyman and save the 9th dimension!

Me too! But that sounds a little hard. Why don’t we start smaller?

I wanna defeat the little monkeyman and save the 8th dimension!





The smallest you can think of!

A job at the Krusty Krab?

Yeah! I do things at work all the time.

Then let’s go!

– SpongeBob SquarePants, Big Pink Loser


A conversation like this has played out in my head over the last few months. No, I’m going to work in fast food; I have a better job already, thank you very much. My version is on the topic of travel. It progressed like this:

  • I wanna take a year off and travel the world! (Don’t we all! It’s quite a leap though.)
  • I wanna take a month off and travel Europe! (Kind of daunting.)
  • Fiji? (Can’t be bothered planning.)
  • Gold Coast? (Yeah, nah.)

The smallest I can think of…

*lightbulb moment*

A staycation? Yeah! I do things in Wellington all the time!

You Are a Tourist

The idea came to me during a conversation with my new flatmates about things to do in Wellington. There’s a bunch of things here that I haven’t done in the four years I’ve lived here. Like:

  • Somes Island
  • Days Bay/Eastbourne
  • Wrights Hill
  • City to Sea Walkway
  • Weta Cave
  • Wellington Museum
  • Wellington Zoo
  • Wilton Bush
  • Paekakariki Escarpment Track

And a couple I’ve done before but not since I moved here:

  • Zealandia
  • Te Papa
welly map
So much Wellington, so little time…

As a nine-to-five worker, I don’t have the time or energy to explore everything the city has to offer. What to do? Take a week off work and live like a tourist for a week!

I’m not promising to do all of the above in a week. That wouldn’t be a holiday! Maybe just three or four. But I do want to check them all off in the near future.

I’ll just pretend it’s Fiji, baby

Fiji has been on my mind lately. I haven’t been there before. I’ve been to other tropical islands and enjoyed them. It’s winter and I need more vitamin D’s. And there hasn’t been a hurricane or a coup for a little while. Seems ideal, right?

Well, yes, but… despite all this, I can’t convince myself to book the trip. After months of dithering, I realised that if I really wanted to go I’d have booked something by now. That’s my gut feeling saying no.

Why? Well I’m not good at translating gut feeling into English, but there are some reasons why a Fiji holiday might not be right for me:

  • I’ve never travelled solo before.
  • I’m not comfortable with the idea of being alone in a foreign land.
  • I don’t like flights longer than an hour.
  • I don’t like spending large sums of money.

My hope is that touristing in Wellington will be a stepping stone to something bigger. I thought Fiji was small enough for me. But, like Patrick, I’m starting with something smaller. The smallest I can think of.

Book it in the diary. 27-31 August. Staycation!

view from mt vic
Tourist spot #1: Mount Victoria lookout!

What tourist spots have you yet to explore in your own backyard? Would you consider a staycation over a tropical vacation? Let me know!