[sunshine intensifies] is on Instagram!

I like to take photos of random stuff. Things I find funny, beautiful, satisfying, or otherwise joyful. Usually this stuff just ends up in my Google drive and I never see it again. Not any more!

I’ve started an Instagram to share my random moments of joy. Check it out here:


My latest posts are on the sidebar of this blog too.

Hope you enjoy 🌞


Wait a minute… Didn’t you just say you had a problem with social media use?

Right. But now I have guidelines on how to use it. Based on that post, here are my self-imposed rules for Instagramming:

  • Don’t “do it for the ‘gram”, i.e, don’t do stuff just to get photos. Go about life as if I didn’t have Instagram. Take the photos I would have otherwise. Only after taking a photo, consider sharing it.
  • Follow only what inspires me. What that means may vary over time. Again, if I unfollow you, or choose not to follow you, don’t take it personally!
  • “Need to know” notifications only. (I won’t go into details here.)

Hopefully this is enough to limit the time I spend on Instagram, while still enjoying it. We’ll see!

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