Thanks for the gift, kind stranger!

To my RedditGifts Dear Diary secret santa:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! The journaling package you sent me is amazing!

I knew this was something special from the moment I saw the box:

1 box
They hand-drew my logo!!!

At first I thought it was just a book. Imagine my surprise when I found another two packages plus a handwritten note inside! Not to mention all the lovely decorative touches.

2 inside
*jaw drops*

The wrapping is beautiful too. I opened everything super carefully because I didn’t want to damage it!

3 unboxed
Best unboxing ever.
4 the goods

I’m sure this would delight even a seasoned journaller, but as a relative newbie (four months in) this blew me away. Look at that classy journal! Those quality pens! Those stylish pencils! Compare that to what I’ve been working with to date:

5 starterpack

I’ll definitely be using the new kit for my writing from now on. I hope it inspires me to write more and better. It’s arty, professional, thoughtful, and personal – exactly what I aspire to in my blog!

Thanks again, and I hope you get something special yourself 🙂

6 handwritten
Look! I’m using it!

PS: Thanks for reading, and glad you’re enjoying the blog! The staycation started great but went downhill… I’ll get to that soon. Watch this space! (The blog, that is – not this book!)

PPS: Pardon the smudges. I’m left-handed!

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