Gym, week 3: The umbrella hunter

This post is part of a series on my commitment to the gym. Every week, I hold myself accountable by posting an honest recap of my workouts. Can I make this habit stick and see some gains?

We had a classic Wellington southerly storm this Tuesday. Gale force winds, heavy showers, the works. This presented a perfect opportunity to indulge in another new hobby of mine – brolly-hunting!

The broken brolly in a bin is a symbol of Wellington. Some people, presumably tourists, attempt to use umbrellas in these conditions. I guess they just see rain and think, “oh, it’s raining, better take the brolly”.

The trouble is, these things are built for rain – and only rain. Not wind. As these tourists find out the hard way, your bog-standard umbrella will wilt in the face of an 80km/h southerly gust.

If they’re lucky, they’ll be able to get to shelter, fold it up, and save it for another day. And if not? Well…

1 Yowch

This is where I come in. I’ve made a bit of a game of it. On rainy days, I have the camera app open and ready for action at a moment’s notice. At lunchtimes I don my raincoat and head out on “parasol patrol” on a route with high foot-traffic and lots of bins. This usually comes up empty, but the walk is refreshing enough that I don’t care!

I’d seen a good few brollies before this week – two in one day at one point. But Tuesday, 12 June exceeded my wildest expectations. I’d found, not two, but FIVE by the time I got home from work. I even snapped the same bin twice with different brollies!

2 Morning and evening
Morning and evening, same bin
Wait, isn’t this post supposed to be about the gym?

I’m getting there! But not by my usual route. I’m taking a small detour in search of more brollies. Because apparently five isn’t enough. Well guess what? I was rewarded at the first bin!

Hit ’em for six!

And shortly after that:

7 Just a handle
7 (on closer inspection this was just a handle, but it totally counts!)

And right by the front door:

8 (at first I thought this was two, but it’s likely just one brolly bent around)

Riding the high of this umbrella overload, I smashed my weights session. I even went above my starter weights on the machines without slowing down. Am I starting to see some gains? 😮

Week 3 wrap

Unfortunately the week went downhill from here, for reasons I won’t mention in this post. For now I’ll just say Thursday was a write-off, and I did spend Friday night in a yoga studio, though not actually doing yoga. So here’s what I managed:

  • Monday: 30-minute spin (still getting over that cold…)
  • Tuesday: Weights and brolly-hunting
  • Saturday: Town day, ~1.5 hours walking (trust me, this is more tiring than it sounds – I had to lie down for an hour when I got home)
  • Sunday: Weights and an hour-long hill walk

I may come to regret hitting both arms and legs today. We’ll see.

Can I pull myself together and put in a full shift next week? Or will I break like an umbrella in the wind?

Enter a New World of pain
Enter a New World of pain!

Seen any good brolly wreckage lately? Let me know!

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