Gym, week 2: In everyone’s best interests

All right folks, here’s the wrap for week 2 of my gym adventure:

  • Saturday: Yoga, weights
  • Sunday: Umm… I walked to town and back?
Snake! What happened? Snake? Snaaaaaaake!!

Mission failed? Not so fast. Here’s what happened:

No complaints from the body yet, other than the cold I’m now coming down with.

Me last week

That cold got worse. Much worse than usual. This was me for much of the week:


Here’s a thing you need to know about Wellington. It’s a disease-spreading machine.

People come in and out of the city all the time. Some of these people carry cold-causing viruses. Some of these viruses come from halfway around the world and no one’s immune to them. The local geography funnels people onto a narrow strip of land. It’s cold and damp. Oh, and air conditioning spreads germs through entire buildings.

I love Wellington, but I get sick way more often since I moved here. It’s kind of annoying. Heaven help us if a pandemic breaks out.

I felt the ominous tingle in the back of my throat on Saturday morning, and by Monday I was done for.

Timely news

Naturally, the question came up in my mind: Should I exercise when I’m sick? Just as I was tossing up whether to skip my Tuesday weights session, the local news site ran an article on exactly this. The answer’s pretty clear cut – unusually so for articles that ask questions like this!

So I decided it’s in everyone’s best interests – especially mine – to rest. For five days. I say especially mine because, even though I’ve spared gym-goers my germs, this is Wellington which means everyone else will catch this cold before long. I just don’t want to be the one responsible for giving it to them!

Did I mention this cold was worse than usual? I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure I had a fever on Wednesday – I can’t remember the last time that happened…

Excuses, excuses

This brings me to something I neglected to bring up in the intro. Namely, the part where I cover my ass!

Sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t reasonably get to the gym. Or, I can in theory, but it’s really better that I don’t.

Now to go full-lawyer. I may skip gym for reasons including but not limited to:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Travel
  • Force majeure or acts of god. (Because every legal document needs those.)

For lesser interruptions, like social events or appointments, I’ll reschedule workouts. As committed as I am to gym, there are more important things in life!

As for now, I’m pleased to report that the cold’s all but gone and I’m back in the swing of gym.

I’m ready!

How do you deal with interruptions to your workout schedule? What other totally legitimate excuses can I add to my list? Let me know!

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